Horses Healing Heroes

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What is Horses Healing Heroes?

Horses healing heroes is offered as an EAL session, available at no cost for active duty military personnel and veterans. Our Horses Healing Heroes (HHH) therapeutic horseback riding program is designed to serve military veterans suffering from psychological trauma and physical disabilities. SPIRIT THERAPIES has a personal connection to the difficulties of military life, and Laurie has made it her mission to aid our military heroes in their journey of healing.

How does it work?

HHH offers our veterans the opportunity to experience the benefits of connection with horses. Some veterans find it calming to simply groom a horse, while others may enjoy the atmosphere and focusing on accomplishing a task, like barn chores. It is the action of acceptance as one is that helps alleviate wounds, both seen and unseen. During these sessions, we encourage participants to develop insights based on their own reactions to unfamiliar feelings that arise and situations they encounter.

No veteran or active duty military member will pay for a session at Spirit Therapies. Grants for these sessions are offered through Wounded Warrior Project. Since we are a non-profit, we ask that you consider applying for a grant to offset the costs of training, staff, and horse care so we can continue to offer these sessions free of charge.

To request information on this grant, please contact Laurie at, or call 702-219-1728.

What are the benefits?

These equine-based activities allow participants to work on goals, such as:

Increase focus and attention span

Identify behavioral patterns and emotional responses

Become mindful of the relationship of feelings to behaviors

Enhance emotional regulation

Improve self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness

Develop healthier relationships

Develop trust in a safe environment

Acquire varied socialization skills

Improve decision-making and goal-setting skills

Learn more effective communication skills

Establish appropriate boundary-setting skills

Fellowship and camaraderie

Sense of community and develop desire to engage with community

Learn and develop caregiving attitudes

Please download and fill out the participant packet below. Complete packets must be turned in prior to your first session.