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Ready to Volunteer?

We would not be able to provide Therapy services without you! We welcome you to join spirit, become a part of someone’s healing journey, and give back to our community.

We have many volunteer opportunities available, and we will try to make use of your unique skill-set and fulfill your “why”. We ask for a time commitment of at least 8-10 hours per month.

Please fill out the volunteer application below.

We have Volunteer orientations and interviews monthly. Once you apply, Our volunteer coordinator will reach out with more information!


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Please fill out the volunteer form below. For questions or more information about volunteering, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@spirittherapies.org, or call/text 1-702-580-7816.


Volunteer Form

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Date of Birth
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Volunteer Positions *
Barn Volunteer Responsible for mucking stalls and dumping buckets (must be able to lift 25 pounds), cleaning and sanitizing water buckets and automatic fillers, filling hay bags for feeding, feeding horses during scheduled times, raking, sweeping, general maintenance, cleaning duck/chicken coop, cleaning equipment, barn, and tack room. Grooming and bathing horses on scheduled days. Office Volunteer Responsible for general organization and office upkeep, filing, typing, data entry, mailing, distributing event flyers and brochures, sorting, cleaning, assisting with events and fundraisers, research and community outreach, assisting office manager with duties requested. Side Walker Supports the rider during grooming, riding, mounting and dismounting and help the rider guide their horse in following directions of the instructor as necessary, ability to hold your arm raised and out to the side for extended periods of time, ability to adapt collaboratively and be flexible, assist with rider support during mounting and dismounting as necessary, walk next to the rider throughout the class, giving support as necessary, help the rider follow directions given by the instructor, avoid unnecessary talking with either the rider or other volunteers. *All new volunteers are required to participate as a “sidewalker” for a full 4-week lesson session before they may apply for “leader” training unless otherwise cleared by the instructor. Horse Leader Leads the horse during mounted lessons. You must have a working knowledge of and working experience with multiple horses. You must have the physical ability to lead and control the horse in all situations, ability to walk and lead a horse for at least 45 minutes, be well versed in the various moods and reactions of horses, especially with the horse currently being used for riding lessons. Any perception of a change in attitude or behavior of the horse needs to be communicated with the riding instructor or other Sidewalkers as needed. In case of an emergency, the horse leader will maintain control of the horse and safely move the horse away from the rider as quickly as possible, pays close attention to the rider’s needs as well as to where the horse is going, avoid unnecessary talking with either the rider or other volunteers.
Days you are available to volunteer *
Time you are available *
Spirit Therapies has the right to dismiss any volunteer who violates the organizations rules, its confidentiality policies, and/or any involvement that would reflect negatively on the organizations reputation *

Please print and complete the full volunteer packet upon arrival at SPIRIT THERAPIES for your volunteer interview.